Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

Indoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Free Internet: Free unlimited internet with safe Wi-Fi connection for your convenience to supply all your online needs.

Swimming: You can enjoy swimming in the available swimming pool or access the see from one of the many wonderful beaches in and around Lagos.

Large Smart TV: Large smart TV-42” with internet connection and HD quality for an exceptional viewing experience.

Beaches: Lagos’ beaches are some of the best in Algarve. You will enjoy the golden sand, hire sunbed and feel protected with the supervision provided during season.

Play Station 3: Play Station 3 is provided for the ultimate gaming experience in relaxing indoor atmosphere. You may even compete playing against one another with the two wireless controllers.

Golf: Golf is the sport you may find very accessible and exiting with stunning golf courses. These well renowned courses provide challenging settings to all levels of golfers. The beautiful nature is so appealing that you may even want to learn golf in order to be there. Special golf offer is available for the guests of the apartment.

Large Private Terrace and Separate Balcony: The spacious terrace with eating possibility at the Al-fresco table and chairs with a view to the swimming pool and relaxing opportunity on comfortable sun loungers. Private balcony experience for the master bedroom.

Sights: Lagos rich history creates an atmosphere of curiosity and research interest which can be satisfied when exploration is attempted in some of the following sights: Museu Municipal, Igreja de Santo Antonio and de Santa Maria, Ponta da Piedade, Castelo dos Governadores, Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira, Parque Zoologico de Lagos, and Rua da Barroca.

Play Station 3 Games: You have a large variety of games, 51 original games, to satisfy every taste and provide exclusive entertainment for children and adults.

Restaurants: There is an incredible variety of choices for the local cuisine based on fresh produce and fish, all in affordable prices.

Blu-ray and DVD Movies: Blu-ray and dvd movies for adults and children (emphasis on children).

Shops: There are many shops offering high quality local crafts. The close by marketplace provides the opportunity to purchase local produce at a very low price.

Satellite TV and Internet TV: Satellite and internet TV programmes to be always in touch with the news and serials you love and follow.

Excursions: You can enjoy boat cruises and fishing trips from both the Marina and the riverside. You may also want to visit the small Zoo or the brand new Formula 1 racing track.

Cooking: Complete cooking facilities for enjoying the preparation of homemade meals.

Surfing: Lagos coastlines provide excellent conditions for exceptional surfing experience. If you are an experienced surfer, beginner or just interested to try surfing you can find all the necessary equipment and coaching help available in Lagos.

Hydrotherapy: The ultimate bathtub experience with built in hydrotherapy system.

Aqua Park Entertainment: You may want to visit the water park, Lide & Splash, which is located only about 20 min way by car. It offers live dolphin & sea lion shows.

Unique Music Experience: Unique music experience with built in sound system rooms with the possibility to plug your smart phone and listen to your own music or choose your own radio station.

Luxurious Spa Resorts: The city of Lagos is famous with the most luxurious spa resorts in Europe where you can experience a wonderful time of relaxation. 

Complete Indoor Relaxation: Relax and enjoy the comfort of the quality furniture gaining energy for embarking on further entertainment.

Cinema & Night Life: Lagos has a cinema with 2 screens. The city is famous with the summer nightlife and parties. You can get reduced price cocktails after 8pm in some places. There are good street entertainers.

Reading: Enjoy reading any of the provided literature or read various online materials which will familiarise you with the place and its opportunities. Suggested reading: http://lagos.algarvetouristguide. com

Birds Viewing: All seasons in Western Algarve provide exceptional opportunity to see a wonderful selection of seabirds and other coastal birdlife. Algarve provides the setting to see some particular species depending on the season which may not be seen anywhere else.